Our AGM and Annual Report


The AGM took place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 26th October 2021 at St Augustine’s Springfield. 

ANNUAL REPORT :    OCT.  2020 –  OCT. 2021

Since our last AGM in October 2020 held on Zoom the activities of Chelmsford’s Fairtrade Standing Group have like many organisations been significantly impaired by the restrictions and lockdown measures brought in to control the Covid virus.   Greater controls were imposed from October that year which more or less lasted at varying levels to the late Summer months of 2021.

Though the key generic Fairtrade products such as teas, coffee etc could be purchased through the main supermarket outlets several key retail outlets for these goods such as Oxfam were closed for many months.   Most of the usual Fairtrade events such as special breakfasts, stalls, displays and the Quiz and particularly those surrounding Fairtrade Fortnight in 2021 had to be cancelled and postponed.

Nevertheless the City campaign continued with the key events of the year being :

  • At the 2020 AGM David Parker was again elected as Treasurer and Gill Parker, Jane Shelley, Tony Bender, Judy Saunders, Nicole Gay and Rose Moore as Committee members.   During the year Nicole Gay was replaced as a Chelmsford Star Co-op representative by Susan Sullivan and Rose Moore by Natacha Dudley as Chelmsford Council representative.   Our longstanding Secretary Malcolm Wallace also decided to stand down during the year.   As a key driving force behind the Campaign in Chelmsford the Standing Group is immensely grateful for all the work that Malcolm has contributed.   
  • The membership of the Campaign has held up well during the year and the Campaigns finances are in good order.
  • A Fairtrade garden party organised by Chelmsford Star Co-operative was held by Prue and Robert Jones in their home.
  • As the City’s Fairtrade status was undertaken in 2020 this will be due for renewal in 2023.
  • Gill Parker has restarted a Sunday stall selling a wide range of FT products at the Central Baptist Church which is to be held monthly.  It is hoped that her Tuesday morning stalls here will restart soon as well.
  • The Chelmsford Star Co-operative celebrated the 2021 Fairtrade Fortnight with special promotions and support for Fairtrade farmers on their media.

A number of Churches such as Moulsham Lodge Methodist Church and St.Augustines are seeking to increase their Fairtrade credentials as part of their efforts to become Eco-Churches.


Income for the year was £247 entirely membership fees

Expenditure was £185.17 comprising £125.80 Public Liability insurance £44.98 Expenses Fairtrade Breakfast 2020 and £14.39 Zoom Charges

This gave us a profit of £61.83 and a Bank Balance of £1299.68

Since there was no Fairtrade Quiz our Shared Interest account remained at £2655

Total Assets at 14 July 2021 were, therefore, £3954.68

Our membership for 2020/1 was 28 Ordinary 14 Community (mainly Churches & Unions) and 1 Corporate (Chelmsford Star Coop), Ordinary membership was down from 39 while Community and Corporate membership were unchanged. While we tried to maintain ordinary membership numbers by e-mail including newsletters the fall was probably mainly due to lack of social events in an unusual year.

City Certificate 2018


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