Fairtrade and the General Election


Following a suggestion from the Fairtrade Foundation, we contacted all the candidates contesting the General Election in 2015 to seek their views on Fairtrade. We have repeated this for the 2017 election. Here are there responses as they are returned.


‘I have been a member of the Chelmsford Fairtrade group for around nine years and strongly support its aims of supporting small business development in the wider world.’


‘I am delighted to once again have the opportunity to publically support the work that Chelmford Fairtrade Campaign does to promote Fairtrade products.  This is a really important issue which promotes an ethos of equality and fairness across the world. As Chelmsford MP I will champion the importance of supporting Fairtrade companies and campaigns in Westminster.’


‘I’m a big supporter of free and fair trade.  The  Fairtrade movement has done a great deal of good work to raise awareness of the issues affecting producers in developing countries and to promote sustainable economies locally and protect the environment.

I am aware that there have been questions in the past about the oversupply certification in certain areas meaning that suppliers can be challenged to recoup the costs they invest in achieving the Fairtrade Mark, and over whether the standard causes an unreasonable inequality for those who can not meet the rigid standards in certain markets.  I do not know of whether or not these situations have been resolved.

To conclude, I support the Fairtrade movement in principle but important to keep looking at the details.’

Obviously, as the Green Party Candidate for Chelmsford, I support Fairtrade internationally because I think that Farmers in the developing world should be paid a fair wage to feed their families and to help develop sustainable communities that encourage education and good environmental policies where they live.

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