How to Join Us


Our individual membership fee is a minimum of £2. For groups it is a minimum of £5. If you would like to join please copy the form below and send a cheque (payable to Chelmsford City Fairtrade Campaign) to David Parker, 81 Wallasea Gardens, Chelmsford CM1 6JY.

Application form


The following Constitution was agreed at our “Progress Meeting” in the Essex Record Office at 7.30pm on 14th October 2004.

Name: The name of the Group shall be ‘Chelmsford City Fairtrade Campaign ’ (as amended from Town in 2012. Also amended to reflect having achieved Fairtrade status as a town/city).


  • To promote the concept of Fairtrade.
  • To raise awareness of the Fairtrade Mark.
  • To maintain Chelmsford as a Fairtrade City.


Members, individual and corporate, will be those who have expressed a commitment to promoting the objectives of the Group and have paid the appropriate annual subscription.

Standing Committee:

The day to day business of the group shall be delegated to a Standing Committee to be appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM ) to serve to the close of the following AGM


The Standing Committee shall be responsible for the finances of the group.

The annual membership subscription, which will be kept low to encourage members to join, will be agreed at the AGM.

The Annual Accounts each year will be made up to 30th June and presented to the AGM which will be held in October or November each year.


On dissolution of the group any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been discharged shall be handed to the Fairtrade Foundation, Suite 204,16 Baldwin’s Gardens, London, EC1N 7RJ to be administered in a way which is exclusively charitable at law.



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