Standing Committee Report


May 2018


At a meeting of Chelmsford City Fairtrade Campaign Committee members were pleased to hear that Cllr. Yvonne Spence, a long-time supporter of Fairtrade and a member of its committee, is Chelmsford’s Mayor for 2018/19. It was also good to note that as part of our submission to retain our city’s Fairtrade status the Council’s website has been updated. This can be seen at

Some excellent reports on Fairtrade activities was received from the Society of Friends and the Cathedral; these, too will help our submission. The format of the submission has been changed quite substantially by the Fairtrade Foundation. As part of the new procedures we were invited to be the first group to test the system and were delighted to accept the offer. However, it has not been an easy exercise as there were a number of technical issues to be resolved before it could be passed to the other 500 Fairtrade towns/cities. The system is now being completed totally online which has given us the opportunity to upload several photos of our activities. Rather than mere text these offer a better indication of the support we receive from our many local community groups.

A number of activities are now being planned for the autumn, and some new ideas for events for next year will be discussed at our next meeting. We will keep you posted.



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