Where To Buy & Enjoy Fairtrade in Chelmsford

Where To Buy & Enjoy Fairtrade in Chelmsford

Everyone deserves a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and in an ideal world everything we buy on the High St would show the Fairtrade Mark as evidence that the producers have been fairly paid. Unfortunately we are a long way from that situation. There are Fairtrade products out there in the shops but you have to look carefully as they are usually scattered among products which do not have the Fairtrade Mark.

The Co-operative Society.is the most consistent supporter of Fairtrade on the High St. Every Co-op stocks Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar and chocolate. All the bananas sold in the Co-ops are Fairtrade.

The Co-ops also sell Fairtrade products that are not generally available elsewhere.

e.g Individually wrapped chocolate biscuits sold in packets of 10 as Emperor Biscuits, Fairtrade chocolate ice lollies and Fairtrade roses.

The Co-ops also at times have Fairtrade cherry tomatoes imported from Morocco.

It is always worth keeping an eye open for new Fairtrade products at your local Co-op.

The Oxfam Bookshop High St Chelmsford sells a selection of Fairtrade foods which are not generally available elsewhere in Chelmsford. It also sells a limited number of Fairtrade craft goods.

In particular, the shop stocks Divine chocolate which not only has the Fairtrade Mark but is also the only chocolate where the cocoa growers have shares in the chocolate company and therefore benefit from the company’s profits.

This Christmas the Oxfam shop was the only place on the High St where you could buy a Fairtrade chocolate advent calendar.

Lathcoats Farm Shop, Beehive Lane. also sells a selection of Divine chocolate.

Marks and Spencer sells a selection of Fairtrade products including tea, coffee and chocolate. What is more unusual is that it also has a very good range of Fairtrade jams and marmalades.

Sainsbury’s sells only Fairtrade bananas and also sells Fairtrade tea, coffee, drinking chocolate and chocolate bars.

However, Sainsbury’s has in recent years moved some of its products away from the Fairtrade Mark. Sainsbury’s has changed its own brand teas onto its own Fairly Traded Scheme and has also moved its own brand chocolate bars onto the Rainforest Alliance Mark. These schemes do not offer the same benefits to the producers as the Fairtrade Mark.

On the plus side Sainsbury’s is the only supermarket in Chelmsford that sells Fairtrade Olive Oil from Palestine.

The other major supermarkets – Morrisons, Tesco and Asda  – all offer some Fairtrade products but once again it is a question of looking for them on the shelves. They will usually offer Green & Black’s chocolate and Ben & Jerry icecream as these are mainstream products.

Aldi and Lidl sell their own brands and some of their products will have the Fairtrade Mark but again you have to look carefully as they also stock Rainforest Alliance products.

Rainforest Alliance does not guarantee the producers a minimum price and does not pay the producers as a group the bonus known as the Social Premium for them to use as they see fit.

Central Baptist Church Chelmsford has a Fairtrade stall once a month after morning service and also has a Fairtrade stall on Tuesday mornings in term time from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Greggs has an established policy of using Fairtrade in its drinks selling Fairtrade coffee, tea and fruit juice. Recently Greggs has announced that it intends to source all the chocolate it uses in its products from Fairtrade producers. This will mean that not only its hot chocolate drinks will contain Fairtrade chocolate but it will also use Fairtrade chocolate in its Milk Chocolate Cookies, Caramel Shortbread and Chocolate Brownies

It is also possible to buy Fairtrade refreshments at various cafes in Chelmsford eg. Marks & Spencer’s Café , Sainsbury’s Café.

This list is not exhaustive. So please keep an eye out for Fairtrade products wherever you may be.

We can all do out bit to help the producers earn a decent living by taking the trouble to seek out and buy Fairtrade products. Individually our purchases may not seem very significant but if enough people shop Fairtrade we can generate enough sales to make a real difference to the producers and send a message to businesses on the High St that we care about the workers.

Fairtrade Wine

There is a good selection of Fairtrade wine on the High St. It is possible to buy bottles in most supermarkets if you look carefully enough.

However, the local Co-ops have the widest selection of red, white and rose bottles and also stock some Fairtrade wine boxes.


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