Where to Buy Fairtrade On-Line

There are a number of companies which specialise in Fairtrade and sell Fairtrade foods, crafts, clothing or a selection of both on-line.

By and large Fairtrade crafts and clothing do not carry the Fairtrade Mark for practical reasons as these products change from season to season. However, there are organisations such as IFAT (International Federation for Alternative Trade) and BAFTS (British Association of Fairtrade Shops) which set and monitor Fairtrade standards.

This is not a complete list but highlights some of the more prominent websites. You can also find more information on the Fairtrade Foundation website.

Cafedirect and Divine chocolate have managed to keep some products on the High St but also have websites where they sell directly to the customer.

Cafedirect markets Fairtrade drinks selling coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Cafedirect also sells speciality coffees and runs a subscription scheme whereby a customer can arrange to have a different speciality coffee delivered by post each month. You can buy this as a gift for someone you know who is a real coffee enthusiast.

Traidcraft was set up in 1989 solely to sell Fairtrade. It is a plc which was set up to prove that it is possible to trade in a fair and ethical manner without going bankrupt. It sells Fairtrade foods, crafts and clothes. Traidcraft has tried but sadly failed to get a foothold in the supermarkets. However, it has continued to sell on-line and through a network of agents called Fairtraders. Fairtraders not only sell through catalogues but are also encouraged to run Fairtrade stalls in churches and at charity events.

Gill Parker is a local Fairtrader who normally has a Fairtrade stall at Central Baptist Church Chelmsford on the third Sunday of each month after the morning service and on Tuesday mornings in term time from 9.30am – 12.30pm. This has been temporarily suspended owing to Covid restrictions but should resume once these are lifted. If you wish to know more please contact her on gill.parker@sky.com

Thought Clothing which was formerly known as Braintree Clothing specialises in sustainable and ethically produced clothing. It uses natural and eco-friendly materials including organic cotton, bamboo and hemp.

The People Tree and Nomads were both set up to sell clothes which satisfy Fairtrade standards both with regard to the materials used and also the processes of manufacture.

The Ethical Superstore/Natural Collection.

Both these sites are operated by the same company and sell both a wide selection of foods some of which bear the Fairtrade Mark and a varied selection of non-food items which are ethically sourced.

TLM Trading

This is the trading arm of The Leprosy Mission. The site includes some goods sourced from Fairtrade organisations or produced under Fairtrade terms to provide employment for those who have recovered from leprosy.

Various charities also sell Fairtrade products in their on-line shops. These include Oxfam, Amnesty International and Embrace the Middle East.

Fairtraders’ Cooperative is a volunteer run cooperative based at Holmfirth. It sells a selection of non-food goods which are ethically sourced both at its Holmsfirth premises in West Yorkshire and also on-line.

Acorn Printing specialises in customised clothing and can supply Fairtrade cotton bags and aprons.

Equal Exchange is a worker-owned co-operative that sells organic and Fairtrade foods on-line.




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