Stop the Traffik and Fairtrade

Nearly half the world’s chocolate is made from cocoa grown in the Cote D’Ivoire, in Africa. It is estimated that 12,000 children have been trafficked into cocoa farms in Cote D’Ivoire so when you buy chocolate that is not Fairtrade you are being forced to being an oppressor, as you have no guarantee that the chocolate you eat is ‘traffik free’.

The cocoa growers of West Africa are amongst the most exploited in the world. They face some of the world’s biggest and richest companies – companies that have refused to pay fair prices for generations. Fairtrade was established to change all this by cutting out the exploitive middleman and dealing direct with the growers.

Did you know that in 2001 the chocolate industry signed up to put an end to the trafficking in the supply chain of chocolate by 2005 BUT…

although small scale community projects have been set up, and there are more traffik free chocolate bars on our shelves …

  • They missed the deadline.
  • They then extended the deadline to 2008.
  • We are still waiting.

We want the chocolate industry to live up to its promises and give us traffik free chocolate.

You can make a difference straight away by simply switching to Fairtrade chocolate and by encouraging your friends to do likewise. Yes, it really does make a difference!

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