Fairtrade At Work

The Fairtrade Foundation has established http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/fairtrade in your workplace where workplaces can register as supporting Fairtrade. Many trade unions are already supportive of Fairtrade but this widens the range of supporters even further. The Foundation will provide a recognised certificate to indicate each company’s and staff commitment to Fairtrade.

For years a number of companies in Chelmsford have supplied Fairtrade beverages to their staff. These include Baker Tilly, Chelmsford City Council, Chelmsford Star, Co-operative Bank, Essex County Council, M&G,  Unite The Union and Unison.

However, we know that there is much more that can be done. We want to encourage a lot more employers to offer Fairtrade beverages, biscuits and sugar to their staff and to consider how best they can provide other Fairtrade items for their clients and guests including iced coffee, fruit, wines, flowers for the office and reception area, to name but a few.

Why offer Fairtrade at Work? An Ipsos MORI survey has revealed that 86% of employees want their company to be socially and environmentally responsible. From hairdressers to building sites and local councils to banks, businesses and organisations all over the UK are choosing to offer Fairtrade products to their staff, clients and visitors.

Please tell us what you are doing as this will help us to retain Chelmsford as a Fairtrade City.

Make it your business to buy fair.


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